Meet Our Advisory Team

Jeffrey Graham

Founder, Organic Token Jeffrey Graham was raised by parents who brought him up living the organic lifestyle. Growing up in the 80’s & 90’s, Jeffrey had the opportunity to understand the importance of organic food and lifestyle long before it hit the mainstream. After graduating from Western Illinois University, he worked in education, as well as working in the business sector for a number of years. After discovering Bitcoin a few years ago, Jeffrey started studying about the blockchain and doing a small amount of investing in the process. After observing the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market, he decided that he wanted make a positive impact on the industry and merge it together with something that he is also passionate about….Organic food and lifestyle! In Janurary of 2018, Jeffrey decided that it was time to the Organic Token Project and take that bold step to create an atmosphere of empowerment for those who seek it. Jeffrey is fortunate to have a very supportive team behind him and owes a tremendous amount of gratitude to all those participating in the project. Jeffrey is optimistic on what the future holds for Organic Token and wishes everyone the very best of success! Twitter: @TheOrganicToken
Telegram: @JeffreyGraham

Executive Director

The Organic Token project is proud to welcome Peter Malan to the team as its Executive Director! Peter has an extensive background in the areas of finance, accounting and business management. Peter believes Organic to be a great crypto currency project that is unique and innovative. “Organic Token has already proven to be a utility coin, having a list of vendors already accepting Organic Token as a form of payment across the world.” As Executive Director, Peter will manage Social Media contribution and serve as a Strategy and Implementation Adviser.


Lifestyle Cryptocurrency Advisor Organic Token is incredibly honored to have Kurt Wallace as one of their advisors. Wallace has high level of experience in the blockchain sector, believes in living the organic lifestyle and appreciates the benefits of healthy living. Twitter: @kurtwallace


Advisor Organic Token proudly welcomes our latest advisory board member Nwiro Henry Chijioke.  Henry is a cryptocurrency investor and a blockchain enthusiast with a background in information and system security, website development & alternative energy. He is a technical partner of DOCUFRAUD, a document tamper detection software being developed to carter for his home country Nigeria.  He is the managing director of Wirox Integrated Technology Limited, an ICT, security and alterntive energy solution company that has done well in its field. He holds a B.Eng in Electrical & Electronics engineering & a diploma in computer engineering. He has a great leadership qualities and will bring loads of inspiration and knowledge to the Organic Token team. Let us give a warm welcome to our newest board member and we hope to achieve bigger dreams as we take organic token to higher heights. Twitter: @rebirth_mode Telegram: @CryptofuryNG LinkedIn:


Advisor We are very happy to welcome “Samuel” to the Organic Token Team of Advisors! Though he is our youngest advisor, he doesn’t come without a considerable amount of experience and skills that will greatly enhance our mission….Not only in Africa but around the world, too! Samuel holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry and is quite proficient in computers, as well. He also brings a solid background of volunteering and has worked collaboratively in his community for various causes/initiatives. Being a board member is something that Organic Token does not take lightly and so when I looked at this young man’s resume, I knew he was going to be a great fit! Most of all, I appreciate his respect and kind attitude which goes a long way, as well! Twitter:  @sobe_s_   Telegram: @Rigase

“Regina is a native of the Pacific Northwest and has been lucky enough to eat mostly organic food her whole life.
She is also a huge cryptocurrency enthusiast. Her educational background is in communication and business,
and she has spent time involved with numerous nonprofits, including local food shares and gleaning organizations.
She loves organic berries, farmers’ markets, cooperatives, grassroots movements, and blockchain technology.
She believes Organic Token will inspire a community that eventually increases
everyone’s access to affordable, healthy, organic food.”
Twitter: @reginagalbick
Telegram: @cryptoafficionado

Carlos Velarde

Advisor Organic Token proudly welcomes Carlos as our newest member of the advisory board… “My name is Carlos Velarde. I am wanting to study marketing and business. However, at the moment I am studying psychology and social sciences because i believe being able to communicate and understand other people is a huge part of being successful in a company. My main work interest is in trading cryptocurrencies for myself and a company. I love the being on exchange markets and researching on cryptocurrencies. Recently I have started working out and eating healthier. One aspect that i truly love about organic token is that it promotes a healthy living thru the use of crypto. I also enjoy the community and transparency of the developers. helping promote and have stores use the Organic Token would be one of my main interest in this group. The world is becoming decentralized so i aim to adapt to this change and help this community become successful.” Twitter: @carlosavmeth Telegram: @CarlosAVMeth Linkedin:

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