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1.0 Abstract

Broad adoption of blockchain technology has the potential of reshaping our world! Over the past decade, crypto enthusiasts have witnessed major advancements in the blockchain sector, especially within the area of smart contracts. Blockchain technology is transforming all facets of life, including the health industry, and that is where Organic Token comes into the picture. We want to bring about at atmosphere of empowerment for those who wish to live the Organic Lifestyle on a regular basis. The Organic Token is a non-ico project that not only offers an innovative token, but also an accessible marketplace in which to use it!


• Organic Lifestyle Market Place Token
• In this day and age where the most recent technological innovation controls everything, we believe that it
is time for an alternative for individuals who want more out of life and desire to live out their lives in a healthy way. ORGT can be a solution for businesses and individuals to come together via our Lifestyle Marketplace Token. We will work with a wide range of businesses, including those that promote a healthy way of life. The ORGT team strongly supports decentralization and believes that your health and independence should be supported through the use of the token!

• Challenges
• Living a healthy lifestyle and prosperous lifestyle is becoming increasingly more difficult, especially in 2018. The cost of organic food and healthcare is steadily rising, as well as the accessibility to health-care practitioners, fitness centers, herbalists, and much more. The Organic Token is all about solving problems…Not only from a health perspective, but from a socio-economic one, as well!

• ORGT is partnering up with businesses/ professionals that accept the token and that will certainly open up new doors for the token holders to use it! We are committed to uniting our project with businesses and organizations that align themselves with our philosophy so that every person has the opportunity to take control of their health and break free from the burden of poor health.
• ORGT aims to create increased awareness and trust by enabling a significant number of everyday citizens to experience a new level of freedom from our project initiatives.

Organic Token.
• ORGT is a non-ICO token and a Lifestyle Marketplace Token. The first if its kind. We decided to take the path less traveled and Organic Token will help bridge the divide and bring about an atmosphere of
empowerment for those who desire to afford organic food, healthcare and anything that can improve your quality of life!
• The Organic Token project, built on the super fast Waves Blockchain Platform, is creating a foundation based on fairness &community, with an emphasis on organic living everyone can afford to enjoy.
• You are now in the driver’s seat and in control of how you want the Organic Token to enhance your health, your business and your future. We’re here as volunteers to assist you wherever we can to get you connected with Organic Token.
• During our first quarter, we distributed millions of tokens to individuals all over the world and from all walks of life. We look forward to continued growth and circulation of our token, as a viable cryptocurrency. The project has truly come a long way from where it started and we look forward to what the future holds.
• As we partner with more sellers and vendors, the demand and use for Organic Token is now increasing and that is a step in the right direction.
• The value of ORGT is determined by demand and that is reflected in trading on the exchange platforms.

• Token Metrics
Token Name Organic Token
Token Ticker: ORGT
Total Supply: 10,000,000
Decimals: 8
Platform: Waves
Issuer: 3PCMcXX3fdeW5GkgCLcyeQ73gCA9bxa5anw
Re-issuable: No

• Stores and Marketplaces
• Our goal is to partner with organic food producers and suppliers, health experts, and lifestyle coaches.
• We will be working with businesses and companies with large numbers of consumers who will integrate the organic token into their eco-system for tokenization. We will be working with doctors and health networks as well as several types of companies that reflect the values of our project and marketplace.

• The Organic token was proudly built upon the Waves Blockchain, which is a decentralized platform that offers a trading exchange, as well as a online wallet source. The Organic Token project is committed to maintaining a secure environment for trading and holding its tokens. As a result, decentralized exchanges are our preferred platforms of choice due to the lack of security of most centralized exchanges.
• WavesDex supports a variety of cryptocurrencies on their exchange.
• Waves has a huge community, which genuinely cares about the project and its future. That should be one of the primary indicators of the quality of any given project in crypto. Waves is also expanding and rolling out new technologies that rival other platforms that have become household names.


• ORGT is built on the Waves Blockchain, and as a result, the Waves Wallet is the preferred online
wallet of choice. Waves Wallets are also available for smart phones on iOS as well as Android Applications. You will be able to pay directly from your wallet to the vendor or seller by scanning their QR codes or entering their wallet address. You can store your tokens in the wallet by sending it from an exchange to your wallet address or loading up from participating vendors in exchange for FIAT for ORGT.
• Wallet access and applications are crucial because they make it easy for anyone around the world with a mobile phone, tablet or laptop to access the platform while they are on the move. Its your money and the private keys are yours so don’t lose them because that is where your freedom resides!

Organic Token has taken wallet security, development and adoption to a whole level by being one of how a select number of cryptocurrency projects that has introduced its cold storage line, thanks to . With the custom copper cold storage coin that Organic Token offers, token holders will now be able to storage their Organic Tokens offline and never have to worry about losing private keys that have been written down on a piece of paper. As long as you retain possession of your CSC, you are in the driver’s seat with full control of your token assets!


Q1 2018 Initial Development/Launch on Waves Decentralized Platform
Under the ticker symbol- ORGT
Airdrops/Building Community/Marketing

Q2 2018 Extensive Social Media Development/Interviews/
Custom Wallet Creation

Q3 2018 Lifestyle Marketplace Expansion
Organic Token Cold Storage Coin

Q4 2018 Additional promotion via Vlogs/Media

Q1 2019 Expanded Partnerships/Alliances

Q2 Second Exchange listing plus Coin Market Cap Listing

• Q: What is OrganicToken?
A:Organic Token is a lifestyle marketplace digital coin providing individuals and businesses
the bridge needed to engage in a community of healthy living.
• Q. Where is your headquarters?
A. We are a decentralized community of volunteers worldwide.
• Q: Are you an ERC20 Token?
A: No. We are built on the Waves Platform. Faster and Secure.
• Q: Is Organic Token on an Exchange?
A: Yes. We are being traded on the Waves Platform. We have been in talks with different exchanges.
Please visit our telegram group for more information.
• Q: What stores accept Organic Token?
A: We are presently implementing Organic Token in businesses such as natural food providers, clean lifestyle product suppliers, supplements, preventative/alternative medicine, fitness, healthcare and insurance providers. Please visit our website marketplace for updates.
• Q: What is the Price of Organic Token?
A: The real-time trading price is always available on the Waves Platform decentralized exchange.
• Q: Why No ICO?
A: Because the Organic Token project would rather build its success over time rather than with a risky crowdsale that tends to disadvantage the majority.. We are integrating the tokens among the global community of passionate health-conscious individuals and the stores that serve them.

• Q: More Questions?
A: You can write to us on or via Twitter: @TheOrganicToken

Team Organic Token

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